Stanford University


Our research focuses on understanding the human-media interaction. Broadly, our group is interested in understanding how psychological and contextual factors shape digital media use, and how digital media in turn shapes people’s psychological states.

Our research projects are guided by the following big picture questions:
(1) What do digital media reveal about personality?
(2) How might digital media change personality?

To study these questions, we take an ecological approach to our research, emphasizing the importance of studying people in the context of their everyday environments. To that end, we use a diverse range of methodologies in our work, with a focus on conducting intensive longitudinal field studies that combine methods from the social (e.g., surveys, experience sampling,  longitudinal modeling) and computer sciences (e.g., mobile sensing, machine learning).

Our current research projects focus on identifying what media reveal about people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and how digital technologies can be used to promote self-insight and behavior change.

Research Projects

Smartphone Psychology
Facebook app
Individual Differences in Social Media Use
Personality Expression in Digital Contexts
Psychological and Contextual Factors Predicting Digital Media Use
Effects of Digital Media on Psychological States
Excercise with technology
Self-Tracking Technologies and Personal Informatics Systems
Mobile Sensing Methodologies