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Journal Article

Multi-modal data collection for measuring health, behavior, and living environment of large-scale participant cohorts


As mobile technologies become ever more sensor-rich, portable, and ubiquitous, data captured by smart devices are lending rich insights into users’ daily lives with unprecedented comprehensiveness and ecological validity. A number of human-subject studies have been conducted to examine the use of mobile sensing to uncover individual behavioral patterns and health outcomes, yet minimal attention has been placed on measuring living environments together with other human-centered sensing data. Moreover, the participant sample size in most existing studies falls well below a few hundred, leaving questions open about the reliability of findings on the relations between mobile sensing signals and human outcomes.

Congyu Wu
Hagen Fritz
Sepehr Bastami
Juan Maestre
Edison Thomaz
Christine Julien
Darla Castelli
Kaya de Barbaro
Sarah Bearman
Gabriella Harari
R. Cameron Craddock
Kerry Kinney
Samuel Gosling
David Schnyer
Zoltan Nagy
Journal Name
Publication Date
June, 2021